How To Increase Open rates In Your Email Marketing And Increase Your Bottomline

How To Increase Open rates In Your Email Marketing And Increase Your Bottomline

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To determine the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts, you need to track the opening rates of the emails you send.

It is crucial to choose the best strategies for sending digital messages in order to increase the rate at which they are opened. In most cases, it takes around four seconds for a person to decide whether to open an email or not.

This is why you need to lay down a good plan for you to raise these open rates as well as sales. Below is a guide on how to increase open rates in your email marketing.

1. Send personalized emails

When sending the email, personalize the subject with the name of the recipient. This is proved to work effectively in raising the open and click-through rates of the emails sent.

For example, “Hello, recipient-name,” followed by the other subject text.

2. Ensure the subject line is engaging

On opening every email, the recipient sees the subject line as the first thing before proceeding to the information that follows. To ensure it is effective, create and test the eye-catching opening line that stands out from the others.

3. Identify the best time and day to send emails

Examine the specific times and days when your subscribers are more likely to open your emails and read them.

To do this, divide your email list into about three groups of equal members and send them the same email at different day and/or times. Then check at the group with the highest open rates.

4. Set length limits for your emails

Generally, the subject line contains around fifty characters. On most mobile devices, the cut off of the subject line is about 25 characters.

It is vital to crafting the ideal subject length for every email to improve the open rates of the emails you send.

5. Be consistent in sending emails

To increase open rates in your emails, ensure you send the emails on a regular basis. This makes the recipients become more familiar with your brand name as time goes, and most probably gain some trust due to reliability.

6. Ensure high quality in the content

Always ensure that the content you send in emails is of great quality, interesting, informative and engaging. It should also be unique and not easy to find in other places.

Do not send promotion emails frequently as this would negatively affect the open rates. To skyrocket the open rates, try sending emails that are of high quality less often.

7. Divide your email list wisely

In order to send the recipient the relevant content, segment our email list. You can divide them into categories such as purchase history, industry, among others.

This makes it easy for you to send appropriate emails that are highly attention seeking, thereby enhancing the open rates.

8. Ensure the design and layout is great for mobile devices

Most people use their phones to check and read emails. This is why you need to make sure that your email messages appear well on the mobiles.

Improving the way the emails are displayed will improve your open rates, engagements as well as clicks on the links incorporated in the messages.

Final verdict

In email open rates, even small improvements count a lot. Each of the above tips will increase a certain percentage of these rates.

Opening an email to find high-quality information is impressive and turns the open rates to increased engagements and click-through rates. This improves your email marketing consequently.

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